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Thank you that gave me a chance to highlight the main benefits of my Magento 2 video course. Below you could find the contents list covered in my course. Please review the content pieces below to make sure that your questions are covered.

Installation and Configuration

  • Selection of Web Hosting for Magento 2 | See example>
  • Installing Magento 2 with Cloudways | See Example>
  • Pointing a Domain to your New Server
  • Installation of Putty for efficient work
  • First login to the server with Putty
  • Installing Magento 2 Sample Data
Installation and Configuration Section #1

In the scope of this section of the Magento course, we will start from the very beginning and review hosting options. There are a number of points that should be considered before you select hosting for the platform. After selection, we will learn how to get Magento 2 easily installed with one of the compatible hosting providers. And at the end of the section, we will review an external free tool to manage the server as well as install sample dummy data, so that we can play with preconfigured data and learn more effectively.

Magento 2 Core Functionality

  • Magento 2 Training Goal and Core Functionality
  • Magento 2 Store Hierarchy Part 1
  • Magento 2 Store Hierarchy Part 2
  • Magento 2 Dashboard Overview
  • Displaying Data in Convenient Way | See Example>
  • Product Types | See Example>
  • Simple Product | See Example>
  • Configurable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product
  • What are the Product Attributes
  • Creating Product Attributes and Attribute Sets
  • Customizeable Options
  • Related Products, Upsells and Crosssels
  • Users and Roles
  • Customer Groups
  • Order Status
  • Taxes
  • Currency
  • Catalog Price Rule
  • Cart Price Rules
  • Creating a Coupon
  • Newsletter
  • Email Templates
Magento 2 Core Functionality Section #2

In the scope of this section, we will define what is platform’s core functionality and in a step-by-step, manner will start reviewing it.

As the first step, we will cover what is platform hierarchy is and how it could help you to have a number of separate websites within one installation and different localization.

As the next step, we will cover the new platform dashboard and the way it’s organized.

Right after that, we will start reviewing all available and supported product types in Magento 2 including Simple Product, Configurable Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product, and Downloadable Product. We will also cover what are the product attributes and how to manage them.

Later, we will start digging into the marketing-related stuff, and we will learn how to use Related Products, Upsells, Cross-sells, Catalog Price Rules, Cart Price Rules as well as Newsletter functionality.

Finally, we will cover User Groups, User Roles, Order Statuses, and other aspects of e-commerce platform Core functionality.

Tweak and Tune-up Magento 2

  • Magento Marketplace
  • Installing New Extension
  • Changing Theme
  • Magento 2 Command Line Tool
  • Magento 2 Modes
  • Securing Magento 2 with SSL Certificate (NEW!)
  • Payment Integration with BlueSnap (NEW!)
Tweak and Tune-up Magento 2 Section #3

In the scope of this section, we will learn how to use Magento Marketplace, so that you could install extensions and templates.

We will also cover what is Magento 2 Command Line Tool and how to switch you Magento 2 to production mode to get better performance.

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Magento 2

Alex Kostritsa Project Manager in e-commerce

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I’ve managed to have a number of projects on the Magento platform and I realized that there is no centralized source of user-oriented guidance available especially for Magento 2. Thus, I decided to share my experience first to the users and created this user-oriented Magento 2 essential video training. I hope you will enjoy watching the lessons and quickly learn the way to manage Magento 2!

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